Why all programmers should blog

Posted in agile, blogging, management, software development on January 30th, 2010 by Joerg – 38 Comments

There are some obvious reasons why you should start blogging when you are a programmer. Most of them also apply to everybody else:

  • You share your knowledge. This is a benefit for all of us. If everybody would be blogging about all the little issues they had then a Google-Search would help us even more. I am sure nearly every problem in the world is already solved. It is just not written down.
  • It’s a kind of self marketing. A potential employer can get a much better picture of your abilities than he could from CVs or references. When I hire somebody it is already a huge plus for him when he has a blog at all.
  • Explaining things to other people is the best way to learn. You can only teach what you fully understand. This is at least as efficient as hands on experience.
  • You might even make some money with blogging. There are several sites about this. If you are interested look here or here.

But the main reason is something else. Some years ago I read an article about software documentation. There was a lot of wisdom in it, but one phrase sticked to my brain:

Programming is doing something weird to your brain. When you write a piece of documentation right after a programming session the result is likely to be barely readable for human beings.

If that’s true then the opposite should work too.  Blogging teaches you to write for people, which is exactly what you should do in your code. Good code needs to be easy to understand to be easy to maintain. There are whole books about this like the famous Clean Code by Uncle Bob.

I think blogging does something weird to your brain, that makes your code better readable for human beings. So:

If you want to become a better programmer, start blogging!

Hello world!

Posted in blogging on February 21st, 2009 by Joerg – 4 Comments

Hello World is often the starting point for new experiences in software development. So I decided to keep this first WordPress headline. I welcome everybody on my blog, even if probably nobody is going to read this entry for the next 6 months 🙂 I still think there has to be a starting post.

This is my first Blog. I am thinking about blogging since years, but never really found it important enough to start. What has changed now? Some good friends of mine started or restarted blogging a few weeks ago and I decided to use this energy and start my own blog too. Please do also visit their Blogs. They are mentioned in my Blogroll.

What will you be able to read about here?

Well, first of all everything related to my passion software development. This includes:

  • Java/Groovy related tips or just random experiences
  • Stuff about software development infrastructure
  • Thoughts on software development methodologies (related to agile and scrum, as I am a Scrummaster)

You will of course also find some gadget stuff that I stumbled upon, and yes this will probably include some praise for Apple.

I hope you will be entertained or even get some value out of what I am writing here.

Yours sincerely