A poor man’s countdown

We all know those high-tech solutions that show the time left to a certain event. There are huge LED-Displays, Dashboard-Widgets or even iPhone apps.

countdown For an upcoming release of our software a colleague installed a very low-tech version.

You just need:

  • a tape measure
  • scissors
  • a wall (a glass wall in our case)
  • and something to attach the tape measure to the wall (some Scotch tape or Blue Tack will do)

Attach the tape measure to the wall and cut a centimeter off each day. That’s it.

It should not be a problem to raise the budget for this solution. Most of the stuff will be around in any office. A tape measure can often be found in furniture stores for free, although a plastic tape measure for a few cents usually looks much better.
I love this kind of low-tech solutions. It’s a nice contrast to the high-tech around and even marketing can understand it.

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  1. Rayk says:

    Now I remeber my last days at brain killing Bundeswehr

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