XMind on Mac with Java 6

The Problem

XMind is a very nice mind mapping software. It is platform independent and it’s free. I started using it at work on a Windows PC. When I installed it on my Mac I had a bad surprise. When starting it, it stopped immediately with a message that the JVM terminated.


Xmind is based on Eclipse RCP. Eclipse itself is using the Carbon framework on the Mac for it’s GUI. But Carbon is not supported on 64 Bit. But Java 1.6 on the Mac does only work on 64 Bit. So it will of course not work.

The Solution

You don’t need to uninstall Java 6 in order to run XMind. It turned out the solution was much simpler. You have to tell the XMind app what JVM to use. To do this use your favorite text editor and open the following file (I recommend VI 🙂 ):


Look for the following text and uncomment the -vm option:

<!-- to use a specific Java version (instead of the platform's default) uncomment 
         the following options:-->

Make sure it points to the right JVM. I had to change it to 1.5.0 as it did only point to Current, which was 1.6.

Save, start XMind again and have fun creating Your mindmaps.

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  1. Thimo Jansen says:

    Thanks for the tip! Although I’m on Windows 7 the same type of solution worked for me too. I had Java 1.6.0 64-bit installed and Xmind would not run with that. So I also installed Java 1.6.0 32-bit and changed the xmind.ini to include:

    c:\program files\java\jre6-32\bin

    Voila, problem solved!

  2. Great info, but when I look into the plist, I don’t see anything resembling this string.

    Any ideas on what else to look for?


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